EmilyPat1707Loved this sweet couple and their fun wedding day! Emily & Pat planned a great early Fall wedding with lots of handmade details and pretty decorations. It was held at the Arrowhead Golf Club which was all jazzed up with flowers, photos, and adorable apple guest cards made by Emily. Some of you might recognize her as the blogger behind Emily bites!  She and Pat are just the sweetest couple, and I’m so glad I got to photograph their day. Their dog Apollo was included and did awesome! Hope you enjoy looking over their wedding photos and Happy Halloween!


  • Megan Sargent - Kaylan-

    These pictures are so beautiful! It was great to meet you and thanks for posting all of these pictures. What an amazing wedding and couple!ReplyCancel

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Just like their engagement session, the images of Dan & Jessica’s wedding turned out to be incredibly romantic, sweet, gentle, beautiful and fun…which I’m happy to say are the characteristic’s I’d associate with this wonderful couple. Every detail was elegant and thought out, and the late summer day was full of precious memories and moments for this sweet couple and their family and friends who celebrated with them. Casa Larga was the perfect place for this event. I couldn’t be happier for these guys and I’m so glad I got to know them through photographing their wedding and engagement session. Enjoy looking through their day and please click through the lightbox at the end for plenty more photos:)

JessDan0338-2JessDan0139-2JessDan0173-2jessdan1JessDan0296-2JessDan0921-2JessDan1073-2JessDan1383-2JessDan1439-2JessDan2217-2JessDan2160-2JessDan2572-2JessDan2182-2JessDan2661-2JessDan2911-2JessDan2870-2JessDan2769-2JessDan3050-2JessDan3571-2PMA_5300-2Props to my talented second shooter, Peter Mangles, for the above shot and many great others!


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PMA_4970-2You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been on top of blogging in the past couple months. I’m shooting a ton, and busting my bottom to get my work back to my clients as efficiently as possible. Not to mention my husband moved to TN during my busiest season and I’m single Mommy-ing it up here while trying to work full time (or more than full time). So yeah, you can say that blogging is last on my priority list. I’m two weeks away from our big move though, wedding season is winding down and Finley and I are finally moving permanently down to join John! One thing I’d like to get better at in the off season is updating my blog with past sessions and including more posts on the business and creative side of things. I’d love your feedback on what you’d like to see me write and post about. Below are some ideas, and please leave a comment or shoot me an email with your thoughts! kaylanbuteyn@gmail.com

Posts on:
–> Balancing work, motherhood, family life, travel and all that is involved in a wedding photographer/mother’s life.
–> Tips for working with kids and getting great shots of little ones
–> A day in the life of a wedding photographer
–> Documenting my own family- what am I doing, what works for me, and what do I think I could improve on?
–> For photographers getting started- what you should invest in, what questions to ask yourself as you begin.
–> My business and photography journey
–> What’s in my camera bag
–> How I edit- what software I use, what’s my editing process.
–> Finances and budgeting- where does my money go and how do I invest in my own business?
–> website info- did I build my own, what site do I use, who sets it up for me, etc.

Photo by my amazing assistant Peter Mangels. 

  • Pammy J - How are you able to maintain a successful business and continue to grow without losing that small business/customer relationship building? I see so many people choose photography companies that seem so commercial to me and lack that feeling that each client is their number one priority. They are just another number, another paycheck. I think you do such an amazing job with this, if not the best!ReplyCancel

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